"A fantastic opportunity for these young dancers to experience a very different style of dance and production than they do at their dance schools. Angela did a fantastic job in coaching and developing these girls, building their confidence and skill so they were able to really contribute to the production. The final performance was mesmerising, so creative and different to anything I've seen in Australia before. Thank you for providing this opportunity and for your dedication and commitment to our daughters."


"What an amazing experience my daughter Alyssa had with this amazing group of dancers along with their amazing coach Angela. Was an absolute masterpiece watching this amazing performance such awe inspiring dancing and movement and artistry. Watched my baby girl grow into such a different dancer during these last 6 months with every minute spent with Angela she is a true inspiration to these girls and so very talented. Couldn’t speak more highly of it."


"I had the most amazing time as a part of Wild Hearts first project!! I learnt so so much from the incredible Angela, who helped us all develop our style and understanding of contemporary dance. It was an unforgettable experience, where I made so many amazing new friends with the same passion as my own. I would totally recommend this youth dance company to any dancer who is looking to push themselves and gain the understanding and skill of working in a proper dance company!!"


"Wild Hearts Youth Dance Co is a nurturing environment, Angela is a brilliant creative mind with a desire to draw upon and develop a young dancers mind and to enhance upon their technical learning from their home studios."


"Thank you for the amazing opportunity that you gave my girls. They have grown so much and developed even more into wonderful dancers in the weeks that you had worked with them. It was an exciting experience for them and for us."


"Madison loved the experience at Wild Hearts it gave her an opportunity to discover a different type of dance. It gave Madi a sense of wonder and created another pathway for her dancing,Angela is a creative and wonderful teacher ,she did an incredible job with the girls' highly recommend this program.Thank you Angela the movie was amazing, loved it from start to finish."


"I would highly recommend Wild Hearts Junior program to anyone thinking about taking the leap. My daughter Jazz had the best time. Angela really nurtured the girls whilst allowing them to open up and feel comfortable experimenting with their own dance styles and body movement. Such a wonderful, creative experience. My daughter has definitely gained even more confidence with her dancing from being part of this unique program and she has made some wonderful friends along the way. Thank you again Angela. "


"Thank u Angela so very much for everything it has been the best experience I have ever had as a dancer and a performer.. I have grown so much in the past 6 months and I have u to thank for it all.. I have learnt so much from all of this made new friends and developed a whole new perspective on how I can be seen as an artist.. It’s something I will never ever forget and I hope u do it again as I would love to be part of your amazing work again.. You have been the best mentor and also a friend u have helped shape a side of me I never knew I had.. Loved it all.. Love Alyssa"


"Was so impressed by this beautiful, visceral experience. Amazed by Angela and her team of guest teachers, their ability to draw raw and powerful emotional energy from these young dancers is inspiring. As a teacher of the performing arts in a a girls school, It was wonderful to see just what this age group are capable of when immersed in the creative process. Well done to my gorgeous ex-student, Juliette Charabati, who has grown so much as an artist. Can’t wait to see the next one*X"


"I joined the 2018 Wild Hearts Youth Co and absolutely loved every moment. Angela taught us how to use our kinesphere and communicate through performance and movement. I would definitely recommend Angela’s training for any dancers out there wishing to find their own style and experience the professional dance world."


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