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Introducing our exciting new VIRTUAL program!
Now that our company program is virtual, we will actually be able to deliver a very unique and in-depth educational experience.
The exciting part is that we can now open this up to dancers in rural areas, other states and even overseas.
Not only will our dancers be able to directly engage with each other, but this means we can now have guest teachers from anywhere in the world.
It's actually so exciting and this opens up a whole new world of possibilities.


About the Experience 


Dancers will experience a live company training session for 2 hours, at a set time every week, plus 1x 20 minute private mentoring session every week (limited to 25 dancers).
The dancers will be given fun and creative tasks to work on between each weekly session, as well as other learning resources.
The sessions will be held by our Artistic Director Angela Hamilton plus the occasional guest artist.
Students will be able to interact with Angela just like they would be able to face to face, and they can also interact with each other. 
This is an incredible opportunity to join a program where you will connect with dancers from other places, potentially interstate and even internationally.




How It Works


You will meet the director and other company dancers each week via our online portal ‘Zoom’, which is an easy to use website.

Your private sessions will be scheduled on a separate day and they will entail going one-on-one guidance, tutoring and mentoring directly with Angela.

You will also receive recourses as we go for your own research and weekly tasks


Who Can Join The Program:


ANY dancer from anywhere in the world!

You will ideally have an intermediate or above experience with dance, and have at least a few years of training in ballet, and contemporary or lyrical

You just need a keen interest in contemporary dance. The program design will be flexible and able to easily adapt to your level.


For ages 9+





Our Live Program usually costs $75/week.

Our Virtual Program will be priced at $55/week AUD payed monthly.

We understand that this is an uncertain time all over the world, this is why there is no fixed contract, you will not be locked in for a full term, just the 4 week period at a time. If you find you become unable to afford the continuation of the program, you will not need to pay anything beyond that 4 week period.




Our Sessions will begin for all dancers on Friday 3rd April and will run every Friday 3:30-5:30pm AEST.

These will run every week at the same time. If a dancer is unable to make the online live session, they can catch up via recorded version of the session in their own time.

Private sessions are scheduled for Thursdays, and you will be given a time option to choose from. This will be the same time every week for each dancer as well.

New Dancers can also join anytime.

​To Join

Simply email us with the following information and we will send you the details to get started.

Email: wild.hearts.dance@gmail.com


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Director Angela Hamilton


PH: 0479127853


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